Chic Rattan Aromatherapy

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Chic Rattan Aromatherapy: Fire-free, 120ml fragrance solution for rooms and bedrooms, offering a range of unique, high-quality fragrances.

Blue wind chimesEncounterFreesiaGardeniaHiltonJasmineLavenderShangri La

Introducing our Chic Rattan Aromatherapy, a fire-free fragrance solution designed to effortlessly beautify and perfume any room or bedroom. With a net content of 120ml, each aromatherapy bottle is filled with high-quality essential oils and volatile liquid, carefully crafted to provide a long-lasting, subtle fragrance. The compact bottle, measuring 6.5×10.5cm, is a perfect fit for any space, large or small. Choose from our selection of exquisite fragrances – the calming Lavender, the romantic Jasmine, the radiant Gardenia, the intriguing Encounter, the exotic Shangri La, the luxurious Hilton, the fresh Freesia, or the mesmerizing Blue Wind Chimes. Note: The rattan and dried flowers will initially absorb more fragrance, but the rate will slow down as the fragrance fully permeates them.

Package Includes:
1 x 120ml Chic Rattan Aromatherapy Bottle (6.5×10.5cm)
1 x Set of Rattan and Dried Flowers
1 x Chosen Fragrance (Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia, Encounter, Shangri La, Hilton, Freesia, Blue Wind Chimes)


Chic Rattan Aromatherapy

Chic Rattan Aromatherapy

Chic Rattan Aromatherapy
Chic Rattan AromatherapyChic Rattan Aromatherapy
Chic Rattan Aromatherapy

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