Indoor Aromatherapy Wood Set

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The Indoor Aromatherapy Set: A stylish 100ml reed diffuser and essential oil set for an enduring fragrance experience at home or office.

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Transform your surroundings with our Indoor Aromatherapy Set. This stylish 100ml reed diffuser bottle is filled with high-quality essential oils, designed to disperse a delightful fragrance throughout your space for approximately 60-80 days. The compact bottle, with dimensions of 5.5*5.7cm, is an elegant addition to any room – be it a hotel, living room, office, toilet, or yoga room. This set, complete with dried rattan sticks, doubles as a charming party decoration, enhancing the ambiance of your events. The intensity of the aroma can be adjusted to your preference by varying the number of rattan diffuser sticks used. Please note, care should be taken to keep the product away from fire and children, and it should not be ingested. Additionally, the essential oil may react with the paint surface of leather.

Package Includes:
1 x 100ml Reed Diffuser Bottle (LH=5.55.7cm)
1 x Set of Dried Rattan Sticks

Indoor Aromatherapy Se

Indoor Aromatherapy Se


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