Modern Minimalist Luxury Rug

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Elevate your space with the “Modern Minimalist Luxury Rug,” crafted for the contemporary home. This rug boasts soft comfort and superior absorbency, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Its anti-slip feature ensures practicality without compromising on the sleek, modern design.

80 x 160 cm.100 x 150 cm.50 x 80 cm.80 x 120 cm.100 x 200 cm.120 x 160 cm.180 x 280 cm.200 x 250 cm.240 x 360 cm.300 x 400 cm.

Product Description:

The “Modern Minimalist Luxury Rug” provides an exquisite blend of functionality and style for any room. Designed with a focus on simplicity, this rug serves as a sophisticated foundation for your home decor, offering a plush texture for a touch of elegance.

Key Features:

  • Water and oil absorbent for a clean and maintained appearance
  • Soft, plush feel for enhanced comfort
  • Durable and anti-slip for long-lasting use and safety
  • Ideal for various spaces including the kitchen, entryway, bedroom, and bathroom
  • Customizable sizing for a perfect fit

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Modern Minimalist Luxury Rug in your chosen size


80 x 160 cm., 100 x 150 cm., 50 x 80 cm., 80 x 120 cm., 100 x 200 cm., 120 x 160 cm., 140 x 200 cm., 160 x 230 cm., 180 x 250 cm., 180 x 280 cm., 200 x 200 cm., 200 x 250 cm., 200 x 300 cm., 220 x 330 cm., 240 x 360 cm., 300 x 400 cm.

  1. James B.

    Transformed my living room with its sleek design. Plus, it’s so easy to clean!

  2. Emma W.

    A perfect blend of luxury and practicality. The soft feel is incredible underfoot.

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